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Chaislyn Jane is an up and coming singer/songwriter and an acoustic cover artist from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She has an edgy yet angelic voice.  Her original music is a mix of alternative and pop. She began writing in 2018 and has won multiple awards for her music and songwriting. A musical theater kid for most of her life, her path changed when she won a local singing contest (Bayou Idol 2017) and then received a golden ticket for American Idol (reboot season one) and competed in the 2018 season.  Currently she is a college freshman working towards a B.A. in Music.  


During the pandemic Chaislyn has produced two online shows.  The first, "Chaislyn19" (a 27 episode Facebook live show) where a "19 year old has a 19 minute show during the Covid-19 pandemic."  She also produced a successful 9 part series called "The Tiktok Bachelor" show where 3000 girls applied for a date with a bachelor (her brother.)  This show aired live on Youtube.  Currently Chaislyn can be found performing live at weekly.  In 2019 She performed at local restaurants, festivals and events in Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee.


Chaislyn Jane is a smart, sassy, charming, witty and engaging go getter.  She is a lively speaker and interesting storyteller as well as talented songwriter and giftedd singer.  

"Chaislyn Jane is the consummate professional anyone could hope to work with.  Her many talents, be it acting, singing, playing and writing, are eclipsed only by her wonderful personality!  It's been a delight working with her!"  

-Nelson Blanchard

Louisiana's LeRoux

owner, Techno Sound Studio 

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Bayou Idol


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Dreams I Forgot About - Chaislyn Janne

Dreams I Forgot AboutChaislyn Jane
00:00 / 03:32

R.E.G.R.E.T. by Chaislyn Jane 

R.E.G.R.E.T.Chaislyn Jane
00:00 / 03:54

Mixed Signals by Chaislyn Jane & Gracel Russell


Songwriting Awards

2020 #FOMO (2nd Place)

2019 R.E.G.R.E.T (2nd place)

2018 Little Did I know (3rd place)

Mixed SignalsChaislyn Jane & Grace Russel
00:00 / 04:01

Carole by Chaislyn Jane

CaroleChaislyn Jane Music
00:00 / 03:40

First EP released 11/2018

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Award winning
CArole Music Video 


  Best Music Video - Cherub Film Festival 


  Best Music Video - God Country Family Christian Film Festival

WINNER! Tied for Best Music Video in its category

  Great Lakes Christian Film Festival

WINNER! Best Music Video Winner

  Calcasieu Parish Film Festival

Nominated for Best Music Video

  International Christian Film Festival 

Producer - Lorri King

Cinematography - Chaz King

Director - Chaislyn Jane

Music & Lyrics - Chaislyn Jane

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